New Add on for NX (version 10 and above) “Drawing Automation”

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Drawing Automation for NX Add-on provides a framework to develop a company-specific drawing automation solution. A key component of the solution is a Drawing Automation Rules framework. This framework provides a method to define a highly customized set of rules to create drawings to specification. Also included are tools for developing custom templates used to automate the drawing process. Template regions can be embedded in drawing templates and used to define certain behavior upon instantiation. These enhanced templates with smart regions will allow you to define templates that will produce drawings with little to no clean up. Drawing Automation for NX also includes the ability to create drawing booklets. A drawing booklet is a structure of multiple files, each comprised of one or more drawing sheets. The files in the booklet are collectively created and managed as a single unit. You can generate a booklet in both the native and managed environments. Drawing booklets reduce the impact large drawings can have on system resources by allowing you to break up a large assembly and detail drawing with several drawing sheets into more manageable drawings across multiple parts. A configurable Drawing Booklet Wizard provides a wizard-style user interface to guide users through the steps of creating a drawing booklet. This allows users to create drawings based on a set of inputs and predefined rules.

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