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iQ3Connect Platform is a cloud-based virtual reality solution that can be used to visualize and interact with complex product data including CAD, point clouds, and simulation results. This solution is based on one research which was first carried out at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

iQ3Connect combines the power of virtual reality with collaborative, accessible and affordable facets of web conferencing. It not only empowers engineers in designing better and taking much wiser decisions but also helps enterprises in overhauling the overall business communication process with the fascinating powers of VR.


Powerful Features Help Build Product Better

Engineering Design Reviews
Help you make faster business decisions with the help of virtual prototype of your 3D product.
iQ3 provides both instructor-led or self-guided training sessions to know the product better, that too in a cost-effective way.
Data Visualization
It helps you to gain real insights in order to take more informed decisions.
Virtual Layout and Walkthrough
Reduce the cost and time demand of site visits by exploring and interacting with the virtual site in the safety of an immersive VR environment.