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With ever shrinking timelines and budgets, CAE simulation is an important tool in the hands of designers and engineers. Modern CAE simulation tools help engineers run various what-if scenarios before a product is made. Our expert team of simulation engineers; can help you put together a simulation model which can accurately represent various phenomena experienced by the product. We have experience of putting together parametric simulation models with specific design goal. We work hand in hand with our customer teams to ensure that our simulation models meet strict deadline, meet quality criteria and reduce the overall development costs.

Fields / Applications

Our team of expert engineers has experience in using structural mechanic simulations across automotive, aerospace, process, and energy industries.



Structural FEA

Structural mechanics simulations coupled with new material intelligence tools can capture physics starting from simple linear mechanics to complex nonlinear material behavior.

Linear Static in Structural FEA CAE Simulation Services by 3D Engineering

Linear Static

Key Features

  • Applied loads and displacements are linear
  • Obeys Hooke’s Law
  • First level quick solutions
Nonlinear in Structural FEA CAE Simulation Services by 3D Engineering


Key Features

  • Displacements and the loads have non-linear relation
  • Includes material and geometric non-linearities
  • Contact mechanism is essentially non-linear
Harmonic and Transient in Structural FEA CAE Simulation Services by 3D Engineering

Harmonic & Transient

Key Features

  • Response of a system under dynamic loads
  • Frequency domain – Harmonic analysis
  • Time domain – Transient analysis
Spectrum Analysis in Structural FEA CAE Simulation Services by 3D Engineering

Spectrum Analysis

Key Features

  • Response of structures under shock loads
  • Earthquake effects on structures
  • Aerodynamic loads and sea waves
PSD Random Vibration in Structural FEA CAE Simulation Services by 3D Engineering

PSD -Random Vibration

Key Features

  • Response of a structure under random loading
  • Road load on automotive subsystem components
  • Involves statistical methods for response calculations
Durability in Structural FEA CAE Simulation Services by 3D Engineering


Key Features

  • Structure under repeated loads
  • Life prediction
  • Fatigue damage assessment
NVH in in Structural FEA CAE Simulation Services by 3D Engineering


Key Features

  • Quiet product development
  • Sound Pressure calculations
  • Government regulations
Drop and Impact in Structural FEA CAE Simulation Services by 3D Engineering

Drop and Impact

Key Features

  • Explicit FEA simulations
  • Automotive collisions
  • Packaging assessment under drop test conditions
Thermal Distortion in Structural FEA CAE Simulation Services by 3D Engineering

Thermal Distortion

Key Features

  • Thermal expansion prediction
  • Thermal stresses and strains
  • Repeated thermal loading leading to low cycle fatigue


We Transformed

Airport Signal Towers

Composite Structures

Enhancing airport signal tower durability and safety with advanced Finite Element Analysis for optimized composite structures



Large Structure

Rigid Bedplate development for engine test bed using FEA solutions

Automotive Infotainment

Dynamic Loads

Revolutionizing automotive infotainment with advanced FEA for dynamic load analysis and enhanced performance

Turbo Generator Exhaust

Insulation Effectiveness and Thermal Stress

Optimizing turbo generator exhaust systems with advanced FEA to enhance insulation effectiveness and manage thermal stress

Turbo Charger

Thermal Stress

Predicting thermal expansion and thermal stresses of turbo charger assembly subjected to high temperatures

Composite Radom

Lay-up Design + Military Standard

Optimizing composite radome lay-up designs to meet military standards using advanced FEA techniques

Composite Enclosure

Lay-up Design + 300 M Deep Sea Pressure

Ensuring composite enclosures withstand 300-meter deep-sea pressures through advanced FEA lay-up design

Food Machinery

First Time Food Machinery – Short Duration

Rootcause identification to understand the excessive noise coming out of the machine and providing corrective action using FEA

Gear Box Housing

Redesign +Optimization (15%)

Achieving 15% material savings in gearbox housing through innovative FEA-driven redesign and optimization

Motor Structure

Structural + NVH

Predicting the high noise radiation zones of an Electriv Vehicle motor and design suggestions for improvement

EV Frame

Strength and Vibration

Optimizing EV frame design for optimal strength and vibration resistance using advanced FEA techniques

Offshore Lifting Jack

First Time Offshore Structure

Large offshore structure strength validation using FEA

Airport Structure

First Time Airport Structure

Gasket Sealing

Sealing Effectiveness

Enhancing gasket sealing effectiveness through advanced FEA design and optimization

Chiller Frame

Large Structure (6 Ton) – Shock and Siesmic Loads

Ensuring the structural integrity of a 6-ton chiller frame under shock and seismic loads using advanced FEA simulation

Bumper Crash Barrier

LSTC LSDYNA – First Time (Pilot Project)

Optimize crash barrier designs with precise simulations using LSTC LS-DYNA