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Beating the competition at new product development and introduction (NPDI) is critical to a company’s success and profitability. It’s also a major challenge loaded with obstacles, targets, and trade-offs. Common best practices, like gated processes and cross-departmental teams, are designed to help New Product Development activities. A structured NPD process will help organizations to develop right product in shortest possible time.


Fields / Applications

3D Engineering is your extended design office that can help you manage your peaks and valleys of loads in your design department.

Concept Development by 3D Engineering in New Product Development

Concept Development

Key Features

  • Design ideas and alternatives before detailed design
  • It is a structured way from idea to detailed design
  • Cross-functional reviews and selecting the final concept
benchmarking for concept development by 3D Engineering


Key Features

  • Do not reinvent wheels
  • Benchmark your products against something available in the market
  • Better the designs that existing products removing its shortcomings
CAD Modelling and Detailing in New Product Development by 3D Engineering

CAD Modelling /Detailing

Key Features

  • Engineering design support
  • CAD platform of your choice
  • Models and drawings complying to design standards
Design Specifications in New Product Development by 3D Engineering

Design Specifications

Key Features

  • Set of design criteria before starting design
  • To set targets and parameters for the designer
  • To qualify product based on target achievements
Virtual Verification CAE in New Product Development by 3D Engineering

Virtual Verification (CAE)

Key Features

  • Predict the behaviour under different operating conditions
  • Structural, thermal, fluid flow and electromagnetic loads
  • Digital twins to check the effect on geometry and load changes
Simulation Driven Design in New Product Development by 3D Engineering

Simulation Driven Design

Key Features

  • CAE simulation is involved from the beginning of the product development
  • Avoids back and forth design verifications during design cycles
  • Drastic time reduction for developing new products
Design for Manufacturingin New Product Development by 3D Engineering

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Key Features

    • DFM is the process of designing products for ease of manufacturing
    • The end goal is to make a better product at a lower cost
    • This is done by simplifying, optimizing and refining the product design
Testing and Manufacturing Support in New Product Development by 3D Engineering

Testing and Manufacturing Support

Key Features

      • Material characterization
      • Performance targets by physical testing
      • Prototype development support