3D Engineering ventures in CAE Services

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electronics & semiconductor manufacturing

3D Engineering recently launched a partnership with Trinity Simulations through its founder Sandeepak Natu to promote CAE Services. More and more companies are now relying on the technique of Simulation Driven Design and Sandeepak who has been in CAE support and CAE Services for over 20 years now, has joined hands with 3D Engineering for creating a conglomerate to provide Simulation Services. For the growing requirements of simulation applications in Indian manufacturing sector, this new partnership promises to bring best in class CAE services backed by the vast experience of Sandeepak and his team at Trinity Simulations.

3D Engineering is a partner to ANSYS simulation software and this strategic handshake with Trinity Simulations shall ensure that the customers of 3D Engineering using ANSYS simulation solutions shall be technically well supported. 3D Engineering through this partnership shall add value to the products promoted through its sales division through a well nurtured consultation, training and support.

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