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The goal of product engineering is to optimize the cost and performance of an existing product by adding new functionalities and taking advantage of the latest technologies. It involves some of the new technologies used for developing a new product while taking advantages of the existing design and functionality

Fields / Applications

3D Engineering promises to partner with such companies in their endeavor to optimize their products.

Weight Reduction in Product Engineering by 3D Engineering

Weight Reduction

Key Features

  • Optimization of product geometry
  • Remove the ‘flab’ (unwanted weight from the product that servers no functional purpose)
  • Alternate materials and processes

Value Engineering in Product Engineering by 3D Engineering

Value Engineering

Key Features

  • Meeting the performance targets with the least cost
  • Alternate materials, alternate process and alternate design
  • Structured Value Analysis and Value Engineering approach (VAVE)

Cost Engineering in Product Engineering by 3D Engineering

Cost Engineering

Key Features

  • Product and tool costing
  • Cost roll-up
  • Fastest response to RFQs

Design for Manufacturing in in Product Engineering by 3D Engineering

Design for Manufacturing

Key Features

  • DFM is the process of designing products for ease of manufacturing
  • The end goal is to make a better product at a lower cost
  • This is done by simplifying, optimizing and refining the product design

Reverse Engineering

Key Features

  • Scanning objects and get the point cloud data converted to CAD data
  • Apply Siemens Convergent Modeling Technology to combine facets, surfaces, and solids in one model without converting data
  • Facilitate large area scanning such as existing plants and machinery

CAD Customization in Product Engineering by 3D Engineering

CAD Customization

Key Features

  • 80% of your new products may be like your past designs
  • Capture knowledge from designers and drive your designs through expressions which are rule based
  • Save enormous time in creating design variants, from months to days

PDM – Product Data Management in Product Engineering by 3D Engineering

PDM (Product Data Management)

Key Features

  • Manage your organizational knowledge for better search and reduced duplication of designs
  • Revision and version control
  • Workflows for smooth design approvals