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There are many electromechanical challenges that make a designer’s job difficult. To overcome all such problems, Siemens has developed its Electric Wiring Design Software which enables true co-design collaboration across electrical and mechanical domains. Crafted by utilizing leading-edge technologies, this solution is gaining popularity all across the globe.


Features That Make You Spellbound in Electrical Design

  • Design and simulate electrical systems, from simple electrical circuits to complex wire harnesses
  • Route wiring and place components in 3D assembly models
  • Analyze your models to calculate the correct wire lengths and wire harness designs
  • Use virtual simulation to ensure circuitry performs per specification, without waiting for physical prototypes
  • Interactively collaborate between ECAD and MCAD domains, even in disperse locations
  • Visualize electrical aspects of your design in a 3D environment
  • Fully integrate PCB layout and mechanical design environments
  • Access robust libraries and parts repositories
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