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The success of your product design largely depends on how easier and smoother you are explaining all the manufacturing, installation and maintenance procedures to your product engineers. With Solid Edge technical publications solution, your designers can create necessary technical documents in the interactive formats with great ease and comfort. This can help you in reducing the need for specialist technical authors or external services and produce top quality documents in-house.


Features That Make You Spellbound

Solid Edge Technical Publication

Work Directly with Your Solid Edge Parts and Assemblies

Solid Edge technical publications permits you to directly work with your Solid Edge parts and assemblies and eliminate the need to convert your CAD files to a different format. Moreover, changes done at the existing documents get reflected in the original documents without any extra efforts, which saves precious time and speed up the whole engineering process.

Use NX CAD for drawing & drafting documentation

Quickly Create Detailed Illustrations
of Your Designs

Solid Edge Illustrations empowers the designers to create images, animation, template-based 3D PDF and high-quality communications from your 3D models.

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Publish Interactive Technical Documents

Solid Edge 3D Publishing allows anyone to author complete printed or interactive technical documents in minutes. It enables you to embed Solid Edge and other 3D CAD models directly into your document and considered the best tool for creating training and work instructions, service and support documentation, illustrated parts catalogs, and product manuals.