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Siemens NX helps manufacturers in crafting complex objects in an easy and timely way. From design to print to post print validation, NX assists manufacturers to streamline their tasks during all vital stages. With this, you can manufacture groundbreaking products and reinvent your manufacturing and business model to a whole new level. Use NX for 3D printing- industrial additive manufacturing


Attributes that Help You Build Right

3D-Printing-using NX Manufacturing

3D Printing

The job of 3D printing was quite complex earlier. But now, manufacturers can do 3D printing on the widest range of the manufacturing hardware. Its advanced features like integrated build tray setup, build processors, and support structure generation made printing to additive manufacturing hardware easier like never before.

Post-printing-for 3d printing using NX CAM


Siemens NX is made to take care of the entire processing of printed parts including machining and post-print inspection through one single effective solution so that the entire 3D printing process can achieve greater throughput in lesser time.