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Multiphysics products across range of industry and applications are becoming complex. While detailed 3D simulations can be used to simulate the performance of each individual component, it is critical to understand how the individual components interact with each other as part of a large complex systems.

ANSYS has solutions across multiple scales and multiple physics. We are uniquely positioned to provide high fidelity models in 3-D physics, embedded software and systems simulation. Users can assemble these different components into complete virtual prototypes of software-controlled, multidomain systems that can be used throughout the whole product lifecycle, from the initial concept to product operation.


Our Unique Offerings


  • Integrated Geometry Modeling
  • Guided Simulation Process
  • Superior CAD Interfaces and Robust Meshing
  • Accurate and Robust Fluid Flow
  • Accurate and Robust Stress, Vibration and Durability Analysis
  • Accurate and Robust Thermal Analysis
  • Accurate and Robust Electric Simulation
  • Polymer Extrusion
  • Fluid-Structure Interaction
  • Integrated Multiphysics Simulation
  • Post-processing and Visualization
  • Automation and Customisation
  • Powerful Expression Language
  • Powerful Expression Language
  • Powerful and Scalable High-Performance Computing
  • Integrated Material Library
  • Design Exploration and Optimisation

Multiphysics Platform

  • Proven Solver Technology
  • Unified Simulation Platform
  • Powerful HPC Solver Capabilities
  • Design Exploration & Optimisation
  • Simulation Process & Data Management
  • Native CAD Import & Robust Meshing
  • Seamless Data Transfer