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The upsurge in the demand for cleaner energy has brought energy science and engineering into the global limelight. There is a dire need of innovative power generation technologies that can improve energy intensity, reduce energy use by carefully balancing demand, cost and environmental priorities. Experts believe that engineering simulation is the right solution that can meet the demands of the energy and utility sector. As it can boost project development process by enabling cost-effective ways to evaluate new concepts faster and with greater frequency as compared with traditional prototyping and testing methods. Moreover, full functionality, high-fidelity, and multi-disciplinary approach of engineering simulation software benefit energy-based projects to a great level. ANSYS is a trailblazer in providing leading-edge engineering simulation software for energy and related industry. Its solutions are being used in many diverse power generation projects including wind, hydropower, ocean & tidal wave, solar, fuel cells, nuclear, and fossil fuels (coal, oil, and gas). ANYSYS solutions help enterprises with improved fuel efficiency, carbon reduction, and separation, pollution reduction and control, new fuel development, reduced packaging weight, and meeting energy efficiency and regulatory requirements.


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Structural Design

With our state-of-the-art design tools customers can create path segments and structural frames using the frame design application in an assembly document. Frame design displays additional, specialized commands for creating 2D and 3D path segments, and for specifying the 3D frame component type you want to apply to the path segments. This makes it easy to construct components that use standard structural shapes, such as square tubes, angles, and channels. Rapid frame drawing assistant creates 2D skeletons with minimal clicks. Our solutions have the ability to create accurate designs with specialty features such as structural corner stiffeners, end caps, and mounting feet.

Design Automation

Our Design Automation process tackles and eliminates many challenges by automating tasks that used to require time and intensive manual effort, adding a rich library based on industry standards, and supporting structure reuse. The updated tools and automated processes within Structure Designer help to eliminate challenges that have historically required significant time and effort from users, thus helping designs get to market with increased speed. By being easy to use, minimizing clicks, and by automating features throughout the process to reduce workload, designers create structural frames with ease in minutes.

FEA and CFD Simulations

Both conventional and renewable energy industries invest in large structural infrastructure for their equipment installations and power transmission lines. These structures should be strong enough to withstand extreme loads like storm and snowfall. At the same time, overdesign cannot be an option due to the vast number of such installations. Our CFD simulations accurately predict the adverse loads due to wind OR flood and our FEA simulations seamlessly transfer the loads to the structures for the safe and optimized design of the structures. We also support the design adequacy for seismic loading conditions.

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Power and Energy

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