Dr Manivasagam on Board

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Dr. Mani Manivasagam board of director at 3D Engineering Automation LLP

We all at 3D Engineering are pleased to announce the addition to its board through induction of Dr Manivasagam.
Dr Mani, earlier was the Global Head of Vehicle Engineering at Tata Technologies, before which he held top positions such as Executive VP at Onward Technologies, VP Operations at Argentum, Head of Engineering at Tool-tech Global, etc. He began his career by being a research scholar & lecturer at the esteemed Anna University, Chennai. With his 28+ years of industry experience 3D Engineering shall immensely benefit from the inclusion of Dr Mani as a member of its board.

Dr Mani shall take charge of the Services division of 3D Engineering which adds value to 3D Engineering’s customers through experienced team members delivering CAE simulation, Process Simulation, Product engineering and MES/IoT solutions.