ANSYS Webinar on Li-ion Battery Pack

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Li-ion battery pack

Simulation Driven Innovation & Design

With the rising demand for ultra-low power design methodologies in electric vehicle manufacturing, advances in battery technology have become increasingly important. To save time and costs associated with battery experimentation during R&D, modeling and simulation has become essential. Join us for this webinar to learn about ANSYS solutions for battery modeling and simulation. In this session we will discuss on the following topics:

  • Different scales of battery design, models used in literature to represent a battery
  • Analyze the impact of different parameters on electrical and thermal performance of battery along with validation of simulation results
  • In-depth discussion on Battery characterization and the effect of Thermal run away
  • We will share how organizations globally have effectively implemented component and system level simulation approaches to accelerate battery pack design to overcome product complexity for designing robust, reliable and safe vehicle

Customer Success:

“ANSYS Multiphysics simulation platform helps Lucid to address customer needs, solve engineering problems, optimize subsystems and components, meet regulatory requirements, and bring a world-class vehicle to market”

“Using ANSYS Twin Builder, Volkswagen Motorsport conducted a six-step multiphysics simulation involving electrical and thermal parameters to design and validate the battery model”


Ankit Adhiya, Lead Technology Specialist, ANSYS

Ankit Adhiya is Lead Technology Specialist at ANSYS Inc. He is an expert in the area of Electric Vehicles battery design with focus in battery sizing, battery performance & battery management system (BMS). With more than fifteen years of experience in the Automotive industry, Ankit has been helping automotive design engineers to design durable, safe and reliable batteries for Electric Vehicles.

He has a Masters degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and has two active patents on Electronics Reliability. He is a very prominent speaker at ARAI PIP Events and was also on the speaker panel for EV Tech 2019 where he emphasized on the need for engineers to design batteries having a long range and develop virtual prototypes instead of doing experiments. With several achievements under his name, Ankit is one of the most coveted experts for EV in the industry today.

Who Should Attend:

  • CAE Engineers
  • CAE Analysts
  • Design Engineers
  • Design Managers
  • Project Leaders / Project Managers

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Webinar Link https://www.ansys.com/about-ansys/events/in-19-09-05-battery-webinar?p=3DEngineeringautomationllp

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