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Product Overview

Every organization wants to safeguard compliance, reduce defects, optimize quality and attain operational excellence in their manufacturing process. Now, with the arrival of Siemens QMS quality management system, every organization can achieve this endeavor.

Moreover, QMS Professionals help manufacturers in integrating different processes, global user groups, and manufacturers to suppliers. Also, it supports the closed-loop quality product lifecycle, managing complexities for planning, control, and monitoring of processes and corporate quality.


Attributes that Help You Build Right

Continuous Quality Improvement

Siemens Quality Management Software (QMS) solution empowers organizations to control the complexities of planning, control, and monitoring of processes and corporate quality – allowing them to meet the highest quality requirements and assuring continuous improvement. Siemens Quality Management solution stringently follows international quality standards like GMP/GLP (laboratories, process industries), ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 (Automotive), FDA 21 CRF Part11 (Food and Drug), IAQG 9100 (Aerospace), IRIS (Railway).

Complaint Management

An advanced action management tool built to manage all relevant data and costs needed for handling external and internal complaints.

Warranty Management

An innovative system that empowers manufacturers and customers with relevant key figures, trends, evaluations, and reports to achieve greater process transparency.

Quality Management in Production

You need an effective and advanced procurement and production process to produce a product of top-notch quality. We help you boost your quality management in production by evaluating processes with advanced KPIs. This includes figures such as ppm rates, Cpk values, and defect pareto analyses.

Inspection Plan Management

We have defined one criterion that need to be matched at the time of inspection to achieve the quality of highest standards.

Nonconformance Management

It helps manufacturers to reduce the cost of quality by identifying and escalating issues early and executing proactive improvements.

Quality Inspection and Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Our solution helps you check your product quality faster and assist you in documenting all data related to product inspection in the Statistical Process Control (SPC) inspection module.

Supplier Quality Management

Using defined rules, you can assess the inspection of incoming/outgoing goods and determine the quality of products.

Quality Planning / Advanced Product Quality Planning

Product planning, development, and construction phase are the most crucial stages where significant process optimizations are carried out. The product design stage, which includes the system build-up and development configuration, prototype and production stage, is well-defined in the Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) reference book. Further, with the right assessments, feedback, and corrective measures you can enhance product quality at all stage of product development (from product planning, design, development to testing).

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)

APQP is an effective approach that helps the manufacturer to enhance product quality, improves customer satisfaction and shortens development time.

Control Plan & Process Flow Chart

The control plan defines the product and process quality of all processes, starting with raw materials and essential process steps, and ending with dispatch.

Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA)

FMEA allows manufacturers to allocate product and process characteristics, even at this early stage, to monitor FMEA functions in terms of compliance

Production Part Approval (PPAP) Management

It helps to deliver qualitative parts following compliance in accordance with VDA and QS 9000 standards.

Project Management

A comprehensive project management facility that empowers top executives to ease work related to project assessment, from the milestones to the individual activity phases. Also, it helps in completing projects on time by utilizing the manpower efficiently.

Risk Management

Every business is prone to some or the other kind of varied risks. Enterprise Risk Management automates business processes and helps you identify, analyze and monitor risks to run business operations hassle-free.