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Segments like Aviation, Space Programs, Technical Research, Nuclear Programs amongst other are vital areas that create the robustness of any country’s security. These segments should utilize the best of the technologies to safeguard any country’s security and energy interests. Aerospace and defence organizations use cutting edge technologies with high-performance goals. The driving force for technology investments is innovation, powered by synchronized program management across various government establishments. We empower such segments with our advanced Simulation and PLM solutions to achieve greater output.


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Design to Manufacture

Indian aerospace and defence investments in research and development have been increasing every year. More importantly the ‘Make in India’ theme has allowed defence establishments to now design and manufacture right here in India. The achievements of the Department of Space that built and successfully launched over 100 satelites in one flight has now been noticed by the world and the interest to design and make in India is growing.

Additive Manufacturing

Many still fail to recognise that Additive Manufacturing is already an established method of manufacturing parts with direct end use. In fact there is no bigger certificate than the fact that AM parts are now being used in Aero Engines. The AM process allows critical geometry, otherwise not manufacturable can be made with strength of traditionally manufactured parts. Assemblies with 15-10 parts are now being replaced with single parts due to the process.

Multiphysics Simulation

“National Security cannot be compromised” is not only a political statement, to be able to say that emphatically, the countries defence establishments need to have technology strength. Safety of the nation hinges on the intelligence equipment, tools for self-defence on the earth, in water and in the air. 3D Engineering partners with many A&D establishments to provide solutions in Mechanical Structures, Fluid dynamics and Electromagnetic simulation to assist the forces to defend our nation.

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