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Pharma and process industry has been going through a challenging time. Increasing chronic diseases, tougher drug approval process, multiple restrictions on drug testing processes and rising operational costs have somehow hinder the growth of the healthcare industry all together. In such a scenario, in order to increase the ROI- the healthcare industry must look towards something innovative to boost its growth prospects. Engineering simulation is one such thing that helps pharma and process companies to dramatically improve time-to-mark, as well as reducing costs during the approval process. By utilizing engineering simulation, pharma companies can innovate new treatments for patients while meeting safety standards and product deadlines. Moreover, pharma companies adopt engineering simulation (in silico testing) to systematically identify and resolve worst-case scenarios. Our simulation solutions help pharma and process companies to meet present-day challenges in an easy and efficient way.


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Equipment Design

Small and large equipment can have several subsystems made from different materials. Design of equipment systems now needs a lot many tools than in the older days. Equipment makers now need to have tools that help them design optimally, test them virtually for their performance, follow regulatory compliances and create user manuals for its maintenance and service. 3D Engineering brings to the equipment makers a host of technologies that help them do all of this and more.

Design Automation

Our Design Automation process tackles and eliminates many challenges by automating tasks that used to require time and intensive manual effort, adding a rich library based on industry standards, and supporting structure reuse. The updated tools and automated processes help to eliminate challenges that have historically required significant time and effort from users, thus helping designs get to market with increased speed. By being easy to use, minimizing clicks, and by automating features throughout the process to reduce workload, designers create structural frames with ease in minutes.

Simulation Driven Design

With ever shrinking timelines and budgets, CAE Simulation is an important tool in the hands of designers and engineers. Modern simulation tools help engineers run various what-if scenarios before a product is made. Our expert team of simulation engineers can help process industry customers put together a simulation model which can accurately represent various phenomena experienced by the product. We have experience of putting together parametric simulation models with specific design goal. We work hand in hand with our customer teams to ensure that our simulation models meet strict deadline, meet quality criteria and reduce the overall development costs.

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