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Industry Overview

The drone industry is growing at a staggering rate. It aims to be a USD 2 billion industry with a CAGR of 15% by 2026. In the next 3 years, the economic and employment opportunities are set to multiply by 3x and 6x respectively. This accelerated growth is supported by engineering advancements in sensors, optics, materials, design technology, etc. This has widened the scope of drones in a variety of sectors including defense, urban mobility, emergency services, agriculture, etc. sensors, controllers, motors, navigation systems and hardware are key components of a drone and have evolved over time.

The materials are now lighter, more durable; the electronics more compact and reliable; and the optics now have a broader range of capabilities. The advancement of sensors and software upgrades now boosts hardware performance.

Simulation has had a substantial role to play in this journey.

  • Simulation has reduced the testing time of drones to less than 50%. Weather, wind conditions, load factors – all can be simulated, and the performance-reliability ratio could be determined.
  • Overall, reduction in product development time, cut down of production cost and a steep rise in safety and reliability are all boons of simulation.

With the government now taking steps to nurture and speed up the drone industry, simulation experts like Ansys are willing to contribute to making simulation smoother and effectively upscale this industry. The Ansys Startup Program is enabling hundreds of young ventures to expand their line of business using technology. Drone manufacturers are embracing Ansys for their designing, analysis, and certification purposes.


That we can help you with

Unmatched Flight Performance

Maximizing range, endurance, payload capacity, speed, and the degree of automated flight (autonomy) is crucial for diverse applications

Undeniable Durability & Reliability

Your drones need to withstand harsh weather conditions, like rain, wind, and extreme temperatures, while operating flawlessly for extended periods.

Uncompromising Safety Measures

Integrating advanced “sense and avoid” technology, geofencing capabilities to define flight zones, and robust data encryption are essential for safe operation.

Effortless User Experience

Prioritizing intuitive flight controls and user-friendly software empowers both experienced and novice operators to leverage your drones effectively

Seamless Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring your drones meet all local and regional regulations for airspace use is critical to avoid legal ramifications and operational limitations

Impregnable Data Security

Safeguarding sensitive data transmission and storage, especially for applications involving private information or critical infrastructure, is paramount

Versatile Integration Capabilities

Guaranteeing compatibility with existing software and hardware systems used by your customers simplifies integration and streamlines workflows

Unparalleled Customization

Offering drones tailored to specific applications, such as agriculture or search and rescue, allows you to cater to diverse market needs and maximize customer satisfaction

Reliable Maintenance & Support

Providing exceptional after-sales service and readily available spare parts is essential for building long-term customer trust and ensuring smooth operations

Introducing Ansys

The Simulation Solution for Peak Performance

Ansys simulation technology empowers you to overcome these challenges and achieve industry-leading drone design. By leveraging virtual prototyping techniques, you can test and refine your designs in a digital environment before physical prototypes are built. This reduces development costs, accelerates time-to-market, and empowers you to deliver drones that meet the most rigorous performance, safety, and regulatory requirements.

Product Overview

The drone industry is experiencing explosive growth, with applications revolutionizing countless sectors – from search and rescue operations to aerial photography, agriculture, delivery, and beyond. However, this rapid innovation presents unique challenges for drone manufacturers striving to stay ahead of the curve.
As a leading drone manufacturer, you understand the relentless pursuit of excellence across all aspects of your designs.

Ansys Simulation

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