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Product Overview

Knowledge Based Engineering- 3D Engineering

What is KBE ?

    • KBE stands for Knowledge Based Engineering
    • KBE is fundamentally about re-use in Engineering knowledge
    • Taking advantage of any experience, expertise and other information relevant to each phase of the engineering life cycle of an end user product
    • These “knowledge bases” can exist in many forms:
  • spreadsheets
    engineering formulas
    proprietary software
    human judgement, such as rules of thumb

  • Knowledge-Based Engineering is the process or system that collects all the information available in the life cycle of a product and makes it re-usable

Benefits of KBE


  • Speed: Enables automation of repetitive and mundane tasks which otherwise takes away from the engineer’s productive work.
  • Error-proofing: Complex calculations and tedious database/ catalog lookups can be performed in a quick and error-free manner
  • Skill base elimination: Eliminates the need for the design engineer to develop expertise in skills in areas not necessarily in his/her domain, eg., CAD.
  • Easier design process: The design process is simplified for the engineer as his/her intervention is required in a few decisions.
  • More Innovation: The simplification of the design process would enable the engineer to put more time and efforts in the pursuit of innovation.

Tools Used

Knowledge Fusion (KF)

Expression based modelling

NX / Open API


C+ / Java / VB etc. based programing